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  1. Emre Gunes Says:

    To whom it may concern,

    ALD İstanbul is an international conference which is focused on architectural lighting design. The first event will take place on 25th of October 2010 and will be organized biannually. The purpose of ALD İstanbul is to bring all players of the architectural lighting industry together and to create a theoretical and practical thinking platform within Turkey and near geography such as Russia, Ex-soviet Unions, Middle East, South Europe etc…

    Thank for your interest and support…

  2. thanks for your comment – our work focuses on the outdoor public environment

  3. Suzanne Says:

    Hi Leni,

    I have a company specialized on stained glass and glass decoration.I am interested on knowing your needs regards new projects that may concern our field. My web site is given to you as reference for you to send it to whom you may consider an appropriate department; this could be Architectural, Decoration, Designing or Remodeling.

    Please don´t hesitate in contacting us back for any further question or proposal.

    Kind regards,

  4. Dario – we have an RSS feed now!

  5. Dario Ganz Says:

    Hi Leni !
    You are in Italy and you don’t tell me !!!!

    I’ll happy to import your RSS from your:
    and automatically see they in my google reader !!!

    But I don’t see RSS in it …

    See you soon !
    Dario from the Dolomites !

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